Hello, my name is Miss Maddi, and I am an assistant teacher in the Monkey Room.

I am currently attending Harper College to pursue my career as

an occupational therapist for special needs children.

I have experience with kids of all ages due to being the oldest of six children in my family.

I have also helped my parents raise my siblings and helped to teach them important lessons and values.

In high school, I participated in the Happy Husky Preschool Class

where I was able to gain more passion and knowledge about children.

I have babysat for numerous amount of people in my neighborhood whose children were various ages. Some things I enjoy are running and hanging out with my friends.

My love for children started at a very young age when I would volunteer

my recess time to help kids with special needs in preschool classes.

These kids taught me patience, discipline, and responsibility.

I’m very grateful to be a part of your child’s educational journey,

and I hope to continue to see them grow in the future.