My name is Iwona, and I have been working with children for over 25 years. 

I finished my degree in pre-school education at the University Kazimierza Wielkiego,

focusing in the direction of social work prevention and special course,

which led me to work with kids with special needs. 

I have had extensive work experience over the years including,

working in different types of groups including Cresde, Primary School

with special needs kids, and I also taught Montessori students. 

I worked in both Poland and Ireland, and love traveling and trying new things. 

I try to teach my kids everything that I have learned myself because

a teacher plays an important role in educating children for their futures. 

Kids often ask many questions about the world around them

and trust in the teacher to give them the answers. 

I enjoy teaching children because they are the real happiness,

and I am glad to help them develop into stronger, better, and smarter individuals.